About us

Gigi Montrose Moto Couture is a unique line of women's functional and fashionable motorcycle apparel designed by Ginger Damon. The focus is in the function and technical design built specifically for  a woman's body necessary for comfort, performance and safety. Creating an individual identity for women motorcyclist. Style built for the ride.

Dedicate to building a company and product on excellence with high standards. Always looking to evolve with technology to accommodate the ever growing and evolving  female moto-enthusiast. We care about our community and our riders. 

We use DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber a protective material as an inter liner throughout the body and sleeves of each jacket.


Our designs are patented. Fearless-D775,790S  Speed-D775,789S

Gigi Montrose Moto Couture and Zeyphr are Registered Trademarks.

Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

We  partner with local organizations and charities. For more info please contact us: info@gigimontrose.com

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